Charleston Chew's Restaurant Reviews

Ivan I have always enjoyed going out to eat, which is really easy in Charleston as there are not only tons of restaurant options but it seems like a new one opens every month.

I have created 7 categories with our top 5 restaurants for each. These restaurants have become a staple in our lives, depending on the circumstance. We go to some places for the beverages and appetizers, some for a quick meal, and others to celebrate special occasions. 

Everyday Eats: affordable dining

1. Basil Thai Restaurant
2. The Macintosh 
3. Barsa {Tapas, Lounge, and Bar}
4. Crave {Mt. Pleasant}
5. Pane E Vino

Fine Dining Eats
2. Muse
3. Charleston Grill
4. Husk
5. Tristan

Best Sandwiches in Town

1.  Bull Street Gourmet
2. Ted’s Butcherblock
3. The Tattooed Moose
4. Five Loaves Café
5. The Wickliffe House

Best Southern Food- Ya'll

1. Slightly North of Broad
2. Husk
3. Page’s Okra Grill
4. Hominy Grill
5. Boulevard Diner

Best Cheese Plates

1. Belmont Lounge
2. Muse
3. Barsa {Tapas, Lounge, and Bar}
4. The Gin Joint
5. Bin 152

Best Seafood

1. Fish
2. Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar
3. The Ordinary
4. Coast
5. Pearlz Oyster Bar

Best Pizza Joints

1. Monza
2. Park Pizza Co
3. EVO Pizzeria
4. Andolinis Pizza
5. Mia Pomodori

 I have  also named a few of our favorite local bars, free of tourists and full of locals. I couldn't just list five so I have compiled a list of our favorite bars, in no particular order.

Best Local Bars
Recovery Room 
Tattooed Moose
The Royal American
The Warehouse
Local 616
The Sparrow